Dogtypes - Up to 5x7"

Dogtypes - Up to 5x7"

$ 100.00

Make sure that friends and family know whose the REAL favorite...clearly your four legged best friend! Upload your iphone photo of a cute snuggly moment or wide waggly tongue smile and turn in into a memory you'll see every day!

Order a Dogtype!

Smaller plates are perfect for office desks, family room tables, and larger plates are great for showcasing the fuzzy one on a wall!

1st plate cost includes custom processing 1 tintype
Add'l plate costs are ONLY for plates made of the same image and plate size

How the process works:

  • Place an order by adding the size & quantity you want to the cart
  • Receive a confirmation email with image prep, sizing, & upload instructions
  • We go into the darkroom
  • Your tintypes are shipped!
  • Check out our FAQs for more info